Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bargello Quilt Tops 2010

These are tops which I made in 2010 .Many well most now live in many homes all over United States and a few overseas. I am totally in love with the Bargello and will keep making them as long a possible. I do make other types of tops but the Bargello is my all time favorite . Thanks for dropping by my page and please enjoy my video.~ Becky =)


  1. becky, i just recently discovered bargello quilts and was just surfing the web for photos and info - i found you on flickr, and i think i accidentally found the goddess of bargello quilts!! i can't even begin to describe how unbelievably gorgeous your pieces are!!! i'm going to by one of your etsy patterns and see how i do! thanks a bunch! jody

  2. Your quilts are beautiful. I purchased a top last year and now am making my own, on my 3rd one, very addicting, mostly using Kaffe Fassett and batiks. Thanks for the inspiration!!!