Friday, November 18, 2011

Cupcake Candles YUM !!!

This one is White Chocolate Truffle
Hi Everyone =] Looky what I got in the mail today!!! These beautiful cupcake candles from a great Etsy shop CountryCraftsnCandle . They smell so heavenly even without burning , I will burn them though so I can every excuse to go buy more =]. Plus they smell even better once burned.

She has superior customer service and you can custom make a candle to your likings .
She has so many types other than cupcakes. Please go check out her shop , you will not be disappointed.
This one is Citrus Sorbet Oriental

this one is Jamaica me crazy
This one is Monkey Farts

These last three scents are not listed on her Etsy shop but if you convo her she is happy to make whatever scent you want.
Can't wait to burn these so I can buy more !!!


  1. Thank goodness you are a long way from me, I would simply have to have one, diabetes and all lol

  2. Are they edible,,,,,, whoopsy, I thought they were

  3. They smell edible =] My niece wanted to eat one the other day